Indulge in the beauty and power of the Arctic Ocean with ChitoCare beauty. This award-winning skincare line is crafted with the bioactive chitosan polymer, a natural wonder found in the Arctic Ocean and backed by science. Chitosan is renowned for its skin-calming properties, ability to reduce redness and irritation, and powerful moisturising effects.

All ChitoCare products are manufactured by Primex Iceland, a leading biotechnology company specialising in sustainable development, production and sale of high-quality chitosan products for cosmetics, food supplements, medical devices and more. Based in Siglufjörður, Primex Iceland transforms once discarded raw materials into valuable products that improve the quality of life for humans and animals.

This marvel of the sea promotes the skin's natural repair process and offers essential antioxidant protection, resulting in healthier, more youthful skin. A few of our favourite ChitoCare beauty products are the Anti-Aging Repair Serum, a natural skin repair that makes your skin smoother and more radiant; the Body Scrub with exfoliating bamboo and walnut microparticles to gently remove dead cells, enriched with caffeine, a potent antioxidant and marine chitosan to coat the skin in a protective film. 

ChitoCare also designed Liposan Fibers & Vitamin C, a natural fibre supplement that provides powerful antioxidant protection, boosts energy levels, and helps with cholesterol control, all from within.

We're thrilled to introduce you to ChitoCare, and we invite you to discover and improve your skincare and wellness regime with these natural wonders made in Iceland.