As the first rays of sunshine appear on the horizon, local fishermen in Bolungarvík prepare for their daily catch, sailing out to the ocean on their longliners. It's not until later in the day that they return to the land and transfer their catch to Dropi's production facilities. And that's how Dropi gets access to the freshest, cleanest, and most nutritious wild fish in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Dropi's 100% natural, cold-pressed extra virgin fish oil is a clean drop of Iceland in its purest and rawest form, fully traceable from sea to bottle. Using an extraction method resembling the ancient technique developed by early Viking settlers, Dropi exclusively cold-pressed its clean fish oil with the utmost care and attention.

We're in awe of Dropi's clean products and their commitment to transparency throughout the production process. With over 1,000 years of tradition at the core of everything they do, Dropi's method maintains all-natural vitamins and a higher nutritional value. Less is more with Dropi, and due to the high concentration of nutrients, you only need a teaspoon of their fish oil versus a tablespoon.

Embark on a journey of discovering Icelandic purity and enjoy the benefits of the purest fish oil to boost your wellbeing and overall health. With one teaspoon, you get the essential Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Experience the difference that Dropi's cold-pressed method makes and feel the power of nature in every drop.