Step into the world of Sóley Iceland, where tradition meets nature to bring you the purest skincare experience. Sóley Iceland's story begins long before 2007 when the founder, Icelandic actress Sóley Elíasdóttir, was inspired by her great-great-grandmother, Grasa-Thorunn. As a midwife and healer, Thorunn harnessed the healing powers of Iceland's native herbs to save countless lives.

Today, Sóley Iceland continues this tradition by handpicking wild organic herbs from certified lands all around Iceland in the summer when they're at their best. These herbs are the active ingredients in Sóley products, which are made in a charming village of 300 people, nestled between a short northern fjord and the majestic Kaldbakur mountain.

And that's not all; Sóley Iceland's products are infused with pure spring water from Kaldbakur's pristine spring, which is so pure you can drink straight from it. The result is a skincare line that's as pure as the land it comes from, and as effective as the knowledge it's based on.

Experience the healing power of Sóley Iceland's wild Icelandic herbs, which are carefully handpicked and processed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Indulge in the purest skincare experience, inspired by centuries of tradition and backed by science. Join us on this journey, and let nature work its magic on your skin.