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Discover ChitoCare beauty, where Arctic's unique Chitosan transforms skincare. This bioactive ingredient, more potent in the North Atlantic than anywhere else in the world, endows our products with unmatched efficacy. Chitosan's natural positive charge enhances wound healing, making our facials a treatment and a rejuvenation miracle. Experience our ChitoCare Beauty collection, designed to stimulate cellular regeneration, soothe inflammation, and support collagen synthesis for firmer, clearer skin. Choose our exclusive facials at RUUBY for unparalleled hydration, firmness, and radiance.

Firmness & Repair Treatment
Healing Facial | 45 min | £95

Transform your skin with our ChitoCare Repair® Complex: A unique complex made from high-quality chitosan, produced through a sustainable and patented process. Kickstart your transformation with the ChitoCare Beauty Cleanser, designed to purify and reduce skin irritation and redness, making it ideal even for sensitive skin.
Enhance your skin's readiness with the ChitoCare Exfoliator Mask; leave it on for up to 10 minutes for deep penetration or massage gently for 2 minutes for thorough dead skin removal. Rinse with warm water to prep for optimal absorption. Continue with our intensive care, featuring the ChitoCare Beauty Anti-Aging Repair Serum, Eye Cream with ChitoCare® Repair, and Night Cream with ChitoCare® Repair.
Each product is enriched with CHITOSAN - a natural biopolymer from the sea, delivering unparalleled benefits for your skin. Powered by the ChitoCare Repair® Complex and CHITOSAN, this treatment specifically targets and enhances your skin's natural regenerative processes, leading to visibly improved moisture levels, firmness, and elasticity, while significantly reducing signs of aging and fatigue.
Experience the unique power of ChitoCare to boost moisture levels, firmness, and elasticity, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and fatigue for a revitalized, youthful glow.

Hydrate & Glow Ritual
Healing Facial | 45 min | £95

ChitoCare® Repair is a unique, patented complex with antioxidant action that promotes skin renewal, helps lock in moisture, delays signs of skin ageing, and protects the skin. It contains high-quality marine chitosan, a natural, film-forming biopolymer prepared by an environmentally friendly patented process.
Begin your voyage to luminous skin with the ChitoCare Beauty Cleanser, gently purifying and soothing to prepare your complexion for the nourishing journey ahead. Follow with the ChitoCare Exfoliator Mask, meticulously formulated to slough away dead skin cells, allowing for deeper hydration and nutrient penetration. Immerse in the moisturizing embrace of our ChitoCare Beauty Anti-Aging Repair Serum, ChitoCare Beauty Eye Cream with ChitoCare® Repair, and ChitoCare Beauty Day Cream SPF 20 with ChitoCare® Repair.
Each step, enriched with the regenerative power of Chitosan, hydrates, protects, and illuminates your skin. This ritual quenches your skin's thirst and infuses it with a radiant, healthy glow, unveiling your natural, vibrant beauty. We ensure your skin absorbs every benefit through meticulous application, culminating in a complexion that exudes vitality and luminosity.

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