Discover Radiant Skin with ChitoCare Beauty Healing Facial Treatments Now at RUUBY London

We are delighted to share that our Nordic Glow brand, ChitoCare Beauty, has recently unveiled a new range of luxurious facial treatments in London, now available at RUUBY. With their renowned therapists and exceptional service, RUUBY is the ideal partner to bring the transformative power of ChitoCare Beauty to you.

Unmatched Efficacy with Chitosan

At the heart of ChitoCare Beauty lies Chitosan, a miraculous bioactive ingredient sourced from the North Atlantic. Renowned for its superior potency, Chitosan's natural positive charge enhances wound healing and stimulates cellular regeneration. This makes our ChitoCare Beauty Healing Facial Treatments not just a skincare routine but a rejuvenation miracle.

Choose Your Path to Radiance
Firmness & Repair Treatment (45 min | £95
Experience the ChitoCare Repair® Complex, our unique formula made from high-quality Chitosan. Begin with our ChitoCare Beauty Cleanser to reduce irritation and redness, followed by our Exfoliator Mask for thorough skin purification. Our intensive care continues with the Anti-Aging Repair Serum, Eye Cream, and Night Cream, all designed to boost moisture levels, enhance firmness, and diminish signs of ageing and fatigue. The result? A visibly revitalised, youthful glow.
Hydrate & Glow Ritual (45 min | £95
Start your journey to luminous skin with the same high-quality ChitoCare Beauty Cleanser, followed by our gentle Exfoliator Mask. Immerse yourself in the moisturising properties of our Anti-Aging Repair Serum, Eye Cream, and Day Cream SPF 20. Each product is enriched with Chitosan, hydrating and protecting your skin while promoting a radiant, healthy glow.
Book Your Experience
These meticulously crafted treatments, exclusively designed to meet the needs of even the most sensitive skin, ensure every client walks away with firmer, clearer, and more radiant skin. Now available at RUUBY, you can secure your appointment via the link on our website at or through the Ruuby App.
Embark on a transformative journey with ChitoCare Beauty and RUUBY, where your skincare routine evolves into a revitalising ritual. Unleash the unique power of ChitoCare Beauty and unveil your best skin. Book your treatment today and embrace the beauty of the Arctic's natural skincare marvel.