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10 Ways Nordic women prioritise well-being

Investment of time in well-being rituals for women in Nordic countries is an intrinsically cultural phenomenon deeply rooted in nature…
The well-being rituals of Nordic women derive from a genuine and age-old belief in self care and respect for women from all genders and generations; the understanding of investment in health for future wealth; and is rooted in the land itself - there is nowhere on earth that has the quality of pure ingredients like the Nordics. While there are many and varied ways Nordic Women prioritise well-being, here are 10 principles Nordic women embody that contribute to their infamous youthful Nordic glow:
1. Inner Beauty: Nordic women intrinsically value and prioritise inner beauty as much as external beauty. Cultural daily rituals include mindfulness, being outdoors to appreciate nature throughout the seasons, meditation, affirmations and practicing selflove. This consistent approach to well-being radiates, contributing to the overall glow of Nordic women. These rituals are passed from mother to daughter, teaching women and girls that taking care of themselves, inside and out, should be encouraged and prioritised.
2. Generational Guidance: A focus on holistic well-being is passed down through the generations in Nordic cultures - from daily self-care rituals such as cold and hot water therapy; to wild-sourced local ingredients for topical and inner health and beauty; to a love of nature and it’s connection to mental wellbeing throughout the seasons. Rather than adopting health fads and trends, the Nordic women largely adhere to the age-old well-being rituals their grandmothers have passed onto them that keep them young in mind, body and spirit.
3. Embracing Nature: Nordic women deeply connect to nature and often incorporate natural elements into their beauty routines. They embrace wildcrafted and locally sourced ingredients such as arctic superfoods to nourish the skin and calm the mind. Nordic women also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and foraging, through the seasons, which help foster a positive mindset, overall fitness and a healthy complexion.
4. Minimalistic & Holistic: Nordic women tend to adopt a minimalistic approach to beauty, focusing on natural beauty and simplicity and the understanding that health is the cornerstone of beauty. They place emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and ample rest. This holistic approach contributes to their overall well-being, longevity of health and a youthful outlook and appearance.
5. Marine: The waters for the Nordic region - the Artic, North Atlantic and Baltic Seas surrounding the Nordic countries provide some of the most pristine waters in the world. Seafood and sea products such and fish oils are the staples of the Nordic daily diet and rituals. Leading the way with sustainable and traceable fishing practices, most of the Arctic and Nordic super foods are now wild-caught and almost all are locally sourced. Conscious consumerism has helped the industry become transparent with there practices and brands such as Dropi now have barcodes where you can track the boats used to catch the fish the oil is derived from.
6. Cold Water Therapy: Inspired by the purity of the glacial water in the Nordics, women in the region often embrace cold water therapy as a regular beauty and wellness ritual. From splashing the face with cold water in the morning to awaken the skin, improve circulation, and reduce puffiness to cold winter swimming, immersing themselves in icy water outside in nature, whatever the weather. Growing in popularity, the practice is believed to have rejuvenating and toning effects on the skin, releases feel-good endorphins; boots immunity; promotes better sleep; offers clarity of mind and energy of spirit.
7. Sauna Rituals: Nordic women often incorporate sauna rituals into their wellness routines and have done for generations. Saunas help cleanse the skin, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. Post sauna, Nordic women typically cool down with cold water or a dip in a cold lake or ocean, which helps to tighten the pores and invigorate the skin and bring about a wealth of health benefits.
8. Protecting the Skin: Nordic women understand the importance of protecting their skin from harsh environmental elements, particularly during the long winter months. Using high-quality moisturisers with natural ingredients to keep skin hydrated and nourished. SPF protection is also a vital part of the skincare routine, even during colder seasons, to shield the skin from the damaging effects of the sun.
9. Hygge: a Danish concept encompassing cosiness, comfort, and well-being. Nordic women prioritise self-care and create cosy environments to relax and rejuvenate. They indulge in skincare rituals, such as facial massages, using high-quality products, and taking the time to pamper themselves.
10. Lagom: a Swedish concept centred around a mindset of balance in all aspects of lifestyle - not too little and not too much, ‘lagom’ is just enough. Perhaps illustrated best in the Swedish and largely Nordic respect for work-life balance and in the Nordic women’s approach to healthy eating and exercise - moderation without denial and ensuring joy is part of everyday life.
The Nordic Glow brands embody centuries-old secrets of locally wildcrafted ingredients that support the everyday rituals for Nordic women, and the rest of the world can now learn their secrets.