Experience Nordic Skin Health: Essential Kit £95, Worth £330

The Purity of Wild Nordic Beauty

Clean Beauty is a growing trend globally but for the Nordics, the purity of locally sourced super-ingredients from nature has always been at the root of it’s beauty.
There is nowhere on earth that can claim the purity and potency of the ‘arctic superfood’ ingredients that the Nordic countries produce and now the world wants to know their secrets. From Japan and Korea discovering the efficacy of bioactive Chitosan to a stockpiling of the purest wild-caught marine collagen, active organic healing herbs handpicked from the mountains to geothermal silica from active volcanic waters; cold-pressed, traceable fish oil; and more, pure ‘Nordic Beauty’ is undoubtedly trending.

With pure natural resources sourced from both land and sea throughout the Nordic regions, there is ample opportunity to create locally sourced beauty products sustainably with scaleable production for global expansion. The Nordic wellness brands are now known not only for their super ingredients but also their sustainable practices - sourcing local ingredients, owning their production, utilising natural raw materials, ethical extraction techniques, traceable production lines, the use of sustainable by-products; never testing on animals or using synthetic chemicals; using recyclable packaging; and ultimately investing in the future of their product, their country and their customers.

Capturing the quest for clean products and conscious consumerism, Dropi cold-presses it’s clean fish oil using an extraction method resembling the ancient technique developed by early Viking settlers. In one teaspoon serving there are essential Omega-3 fatty acids coupled with vitamins A and D. Each traceable bottle contains a QR code that allows the customer to track the bottle and meet the person who caught the fish where the oil has been ethically extracted.

This award-winning skincare brand ChitoCare Beauty is created with marine chitosan polymer, a natural wonder and super ingredient sourced from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic ocean and backed by science. With medical grade ingredients (initially used for post-surgery skin recovery), this is serious skincare with real results from natural yet potent ingredients. Renowned for its skin-calming properties, ability to reduce redness and irritation, Chitosan is created from a by-product - discarded crustacean shells. It is a natural, renewable, and nontoxic organic polymer with excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability properties.

Sóley Organics, a brand inspired by the founder’s great-great-grandmother - a midwife and healer who harnessed the powers of Iceland’s native herbs, continues this tradition today by handpicking wild organic herbs from certified lands in the summer months, working closely with Forestry Iceland. The active herb ingredients are then infused with water from a pristine spring near the brand’s headquarters in a small regional village.

The geothermal waters within Iceland's volcanic earth are the source of GeoSilica daily silica supplements which contain no artificial chemicals, additives, or preservatives to naturally repair, recover, and renew the body and mind. Silica, one of the world's most common minerals, is a natural part of our bodies. However, absorbing it can be a challenge for our bodies. With age, the amount of silica in the body decreases and since the nutritional value of the modern diet has decreased, it can be difficult to get enough silica minerals from food alone. Using advanced technology to harvest and process the minerals, the product range is 100% natural and registered with the Vegan Society. Used by elite athletes to aid muscle recovery there are now products to target every day life wellness goals and the body’s fundamental needs.

Angan skincare brands products are inspired by the natural geothermal pools, the arctic ocean, and ancient remedies with wild, hand-picked arctic botanicals (grown in the remote Icelandic nature in volcanic mineral-rich soil full of nutrients) such as regional Icelandic salts, arctic thyme, seaweed, and birch mixed with a powerful blend of 10 plant oils containing omega 3, 6, 7 & 9. Partnering with an Icelandic sustainable sea salt producer that sources their mineral rich sea salt which is a By-product, in the last stage of evaporation and is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium.

The Nordic Glow wellness brands embody centuries-old secrets of pure ingredients that are now being brought into global focus with sustainable, traceable and scaleable production. This is clean beauty at it’s most authentic, deeply rooted in nature.